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Fri Jun 1, 2001 - 5:41 PM EDT - By Alan Graham

L.T.L.B. (Leave the Laptop Behind)

I've had a lot of letters from users who are piecing together PDA solutions that save them time and money in their work, but their industries aren't adopting the technology. I believe many people are just uninformed about what is possible. So in order to hopefully give this sector a little push, I've devised the ultimate evangelism opportunity for handheld computing, Visor Adventure 2001.

The Objective: This summer I will travel over 9,000 miles in at least 30 days with only a handheld PDA and an assortment of modules and software. I'll document the entire trip and send my information to VisorCentral's Visor Adventure website, daily. I'll use wireless modems, landline modems, VisorPhones and acoustic couplers to keep me connected. I'll try and accomplish as many tasks as possible using only my Visor and modules. I'll ship and track packages, take digital pictures and send them with notes, I'll make reservations for hotels, buy products, locate addresses and phone numbers, map the trip with GPS, write reviews and articles all with a handheld and much more. I am essentially building the ultimate road-warrior guide to handheld computing. This trip will be a warm up to one next year where I plan on circumnavigating the globe with a PDA. I want this trip to be interesting and fun, but I also want it to be about promoting real-world solutions. That is the message. However, I think the most fascinating aspect of the trip is whether my fiance and I will still be engaged after 30+ days together in a car? Any bets?

I also want to meet you. Thanks to the support of CompUSA, I'll be stopping at many of their store locations across the country so everyone can get their hands on the technology, tell me their stories, and they might even win a module, a PDA case, or some software.

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