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OmniRemote module at PalmGear

Sat May 20, 2000 - 12:42 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

PalmGear today added Pacific Neo-Tek's OmniRemote IR module to their Visor store ($59.95).

"Imagine making the ultimate home remote control to replace all of the other remotes littering your coffee table. Replace that so-called universal remote you bought thinking it would do everything you wanted, only to find out it didn't have enough buttons and/or didn't control the PIP on your television. With OmniRemote, these frustrations are a thing of the past!

Simply draw a button on the screen (any size) and "train" the button with the IR sequence you want it to emit when you press the button. Button not big enough? Simply resize it. Need more buttons on the same screen? No problem for OmniRemote, just draw another button on the screen and "train" it. Would you like to press two (or more) buttons with one keypress? Simply setup a macro to queue the keystrokes you desire. Get all this and more with OmniRemote."

No additional information is currently available from Pacific Neo-Tek's website.

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