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Wed Mar 7, 2001 - 10:20 AM EST - By Scott Hanselman

Product Info
Name Copilot-20
Company E&B Company
Fact Sheet & User Opinions

It's just that small! At first blush the Copilot-20 from E&B Company looks to be a standard holster-style PDA case. But a closer looks shows a quality of workmanship you don't often see in PDA cases.

The case is black, of course, and is approximately 3.25x5.25x0.8in. It's made of napa cowhide leather and feels very nice. It doesn't have that cardboard feel that a lot of cheap leather cases have. If you look at it side by side with the "leather" case that came with your Visor, you can see the difference in both texture and stitching. My sample case included a few small stitching inconsistencies, but they didn't affect the integrity or strength of the case.

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