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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Color: Yes

Weight: 0.6 oz.

Size: 2.25" x 2.125" x 0.30"

Conduit: Windows using USB only

Availability Unknown

(Standalone )
(With stubs)

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  44% Thumbs Down 56%

Thumbs Down

I made a mistake on my previous post What I ment to say was"155.00 for service plus 50.00 dollar for the module" The module with service is only $50.00 not $150 as I wrote
by jke

Thumbs Up

Good product
I think it's a great idea, if you don't think of the module as an mp3 player. For books it is great, and you can fit plenty of time on with 16 megs. Even though the free Rio that is promoting is a better deal, that doesn't negate the benefits of the springboard. Having your Visor play the latest Stephen King novel is cool.
by heberman

Thumbs Down

Yea but
I must admit I got excited when I first started hearing about this. But, sticker shock shock set in. I mean $150 for plus the monthly service fee? The refurb Rio is a much better deal even if it is still anther device to lug around. I love my Prism with the thin modem plus or the meg plus. I can not see spending so much for so little.
by jke

Thumbs Down

Have to see the data storage review first.
The review puts a good light on the Audible portion of the module, but I would want to see how it handles data storage before I would buy one. Just saying it does it is not enough, I would want to know how Quo Vadis maps, Fireviewer images, and word/excel files load up off of the unit.
by sledgehammer

Thumbs Up

Great for what it is.
For what it is: an Audible book player, it's flawless. Sound quality is fine and ease of use is intuitive and top notch. Yeah, the memory is small, but it's all that's needed for the Aduible books. You're not gonna use it for mp3s (I don't even think it plays them, tho I haven't tried.) My only major wish is for a facility which would let me convert my own sound files for my own use to be heard on the module.
by MHCohn

Thumbs Down

More of a gimmick than truly useful
Like kitchen appliances, it's possible to create modules that are so "single use," as to be superfluous, such is the Audio Advisor. I have to complaint with the way it does what it does, but with what it does as a whole...16 mb is simply insufficient to truly take advantage of the portability of MP3s OR products. Load up three or four songs at best quality and the unit is full. Load up one or two Audible programs and you don't have any room for music. There are MUCH better deals on MP3 players at the site. This module is a nice idea, but in the end it's just an expensive gimmick.
by VoxDei

Thumbs Up

Happy Listener
I really love this product. Although it did take me a little while to figure how to download a title. It has now become one of my favorite modules.
by Jandsome

Thumbs Down

No Mac support.
I guess I would only recommend a Mac as a computer, and by extension I can't recommend this because of the lack of Mac support. It seems like a great product really, but they lost me as a potential buyer. Make a Mac conduit and I'm there.
by Brajesh108

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