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Refill 0.5mm pencil, 83340 Red, 83343 Black, 83344 Blue

Fits Visor No

Weight 1.2 oz

Size 5"x3/8"

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  89% Thumbs Down 11%

Thumbs Up

It works very well and is no larger than a regular pen. Easy to use and choose the correct writing instrument. I'm glad I bought it and hope I don't loose it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

A great pen!
I've been using this pen for several months now, and it is a wonderful all-in-one tool for writing and using the Visor. The pencil mechanism does not always pop right back in, but otherwise I have had no problems at all with it. It writes very smoothly, even upside down, and the stylus improves handwriting recognition tremendously. I may buy some more for the family.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

A near perfect pen
I've used a number of styli, including Rotring and Handspring's. The stylus+ is, without a doubt, the best. I has nearly perfect weight, the grip has good friction without being huge or spongy and the gravity-based selection method works without flaw. The only downside is some pretty boring styling; but, hey, you sell to us geeks. This is an unabashed and unsolicited fan letter of your folks producing this pen/stylus.
by J. T. Frazier

Thumbs Up

Excellent product
Good weight and feel. Hand writing recognition is now much better. Definately recommend.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

A very good stylus!!
I like the pen a lot. I use it every day and have nearly stopped using the deluxe handspring stylus. That I bought. Its much better writing on my visor using this pen. My graffiti recognition has improved because of this pen. This pen is very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a stylus replacement!!!
by forvisor (discussion board name)

Thumbs Up

Do not longer search for a sytlus
Yeah, that is it! I ordered the stylus just a week ago and received it yesterday (international order). That was really quick and I love the sytlus. The weight is perfect and it is really a pleasure to write with it -- on paper or on your PDA. I was a little bit concerned about the "rattle factor" of this multi-pen. But I am surprised again -- there is nearly no audible "rattle". As far as I can say -- I would buy it again.
by ChrisMarx

Thumbs Down

Questionable Quality
I purchased my Stylus+ 4-way end of March, 2000. After 3 weeks the mechanism that pushes out the points jammed. The company sent me a new one. Just this past weekend (mid-June 2000) the clip came off. I was not able to reattach the clip securely and eventually lost the spring that pushes out the metal rod that keeps the tips extended. I just emailed them and home they will send a replacement. In my previous interaction, they said they have had less that 1% mechanical failure and have sent out thousands of units, but I am beginning to question the quality of the product. The mechanism seems somewhat fragile and the clip not securely fastened. I see I am not the only one who has had the clip pop off. I also don't like the weight. The unit seemed a bit too heavy--heavier than a regular pen.
by Peter Evensen

Thumbs Up

styli with style
I've already bought 4 of them to give as gifts to some very grateful friends - a real pocket saver!
by shabra

Thumbs Up

Maximum versitilty, minimum space
I just got my second +4. The clip came off the first one about an hour and a half after I got it. I had bent the clip a little so it would clip to my shirt easier and later it popped off. While I was trying to put it back a couple of tiny pieces popped out. I was only able to find one. I am not tring to make it look bad, on the contrary: they sent me another one right away and were very apologetic. Great customer service and a great product. (If the tiny spring had been found I would have just put it back together. I only e-mailed asking for parts and was sent a new pen. Can't argue with that!) Highly recommended!
by Faded_Memories

Thumbs Up

Great Product, Great Customer Service
I think this is a really great pen. The customer service is also great. I had a problem with the black ink -- but waited past 30 days to ask for a replacement cartridge. I sent them an e-mail and they are sending me a new black ink cartridge plus complimentary black and red ink cartridges.
by Anonymous

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