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Weight: 2.9 oz.

Speed Up to 56k

Size: 2 9/16" x 2 3/16" x 1 1/16"

Availability Unknown

SpringPort Modem 56 GlobalACCESS by Xircom

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Quickly access the information you need from your Visor handheld using a standard telephone connection.

Just snap the SpringPort Modem 56 GlobalACCESS module into your Visor handheld and you're ready for access around the globe.

The SpringPort Modem 56 GlobalACCESS module is a full featured, durable, and dependable Springboard module, albeit a bit large. The included software applications allow you to use it immediately out of the box (once you've setup a network connection in Preferences). Overall, it does what it's intended to do very well.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Thumbs Up

When the need for speed trumps all ....
30 November 2001: Fast. Negotiates poor line quality well. Connection and activity lights a definite plus. The Visor Platinum used to generate this opinion has Palm OS v. 3.5.2H1.5 and is powered by Duracell Ultra 3M batteries. No hacks were used on the Platinum. TealLock 3.70B was used for "security" -- i.e. hiding records at power-on, data not encrypted -- and the Platinum was unlocked before the Intel/Xircom Springport was inserted or removed. Remote syncing was not attempted. Applications used were Eudora's EIS 2.x, pTelnet 0.6, AvantGo, and AOL's AIM for PalmOS. The Intel/Xircom Springport's software load was the factory default. Downloading the North American Intel/Xircom patch revealed the code to be the same (v. 1.23). The batteries that powered the Intel/Xircom Springport were Duracell Ultra 3M. For speed and ability to negotiate line speeds I must say the Intel/Xircom modem worked as advertised. For grins I engaged Intel's tech support to see what Intel knew about Xircom's Springport. Technical documentation on the modem is non-existant for end users. Perhaps something exists for developers. There is no US Robotics-like on-line help facility built into the modem. On-line Web Technical support at Intel is extremely thin, but then that is to be expected. E-mail support takes several days and redirects you to the Web Technical support.
by BlackOrb38

Thumbs Up

Fastest, works well ... but lockups downside
Overrall this was a great product - I did my research knowing small things could go wrong. And work great it did - fastest and worked very well with mail and ICQ, but sure enough after a couple of lock - ups and soft resets ... a hard reset occurred. Still a Great Product - if you get a lockup - time to change batteries!
by Burkey

Thumbs Up

Software horrible but unit is robust
This modem is great for travelling, giving your handspring a 56K modem. This unit really makes your Visor turn into a real notebook PC. The documentation was horrible, not much of a help, in regards to a manual, or online pdf file. The AvantGo software is just as horrible as the documentation that came with the springboard module. You can't explore further on the web than what webpages you have preloaded onto your handheld. Blazer is a much better browser(got it through my Visorphone). This item would be great when travelling. But I had a difficult time finding an ISP that would allow me to connect with many local numbers(depending where I go, such as CA, or HI, or AZ, etc.) I had to settle with AOL anywhere(they have a program for the Palm OS). This AOL Anywhere is very limited, only checking email and doing instant messenger. Hopefully they can speed things up and get the web browser implemented soon(as customer support say they have plans to do so). I haven't used this module since I got the Visorphone(built in 14.4kbps modem).
by Stanward

Thumbs Up

Worked first out of box
Unit is solid and worked like a champ. Yeah its a bit big but its worth it.
by edhensley

Thumbs Up

Works well
Only problem is its bulkyness. Great for boring visits to the mother-in-laws. im looking to get the wireless add-on thingy soon
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Nice product
Just came back from my first trip with the modem. Worked great! Don't find the size to be a problem at all. I would like to find an e-mail client that would do both POP and sync though.
by SD

Thumbs Up

great module
Sometimes it is even faster to check mail with the handspring and springboard than using my powerbook G3. If it only had more ram in the module, it would be great
by Gerson Campos

Thumbs Up

works great with avant go-it fried my visor batters a couple of times
except for frying my visors batteries a couple of times, it otherwise works well.
by n

Thumbs Up

Great Modem - Six Pack Alternative
It's as good as the Visor Central review. The extra flash memory is perfect for additional communication software like PalmVNC and Fax software.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Works well so far
I just got the Springport Modem--bought it on eBay for about $121--NEW, sealed! It was pretty easy to set up for my ISP, but, as another commentor said, connecting is a bit awkward--too many steps in too many programs. There should be a single "button" to connect. The other problem I've had is that, when I use the email software, it disconnects the modem, then reconnects--I haven't been able to get it to recognize that it's already connected. That brings up the MAJOR deficiency I see: lack of documentation. There is a very short setup guide, but it doesn't tell you enough to be able to use the software. I need to go to Xircom's site and see if they have a manual in PDF format. I'd also like to see the actual connection speed.
by George Slusher

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