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Pencap Stylus by Fellowes

The Fellowes PenCap Stylus is a pen cap replacement allowing users of hand-held computers to convert most disposable pens into a stylus and back again instantly.

Sold in a pack of four, the Fellowes 98029 PenCap Stylus is designed for comfort and control and can be used on either end of a pen. The scratch-resistant, off-center, cramp-relief tip allows you to switch your grip with ease.

The PenCap Stylus is designed for use with any pen-based PDA or computer pad.

User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

I use these mostly at work, I replaced the caps from a bunch of pens, now I have a stylus at hand at all times there! These are comfortable to hold with their chubby, triangular bodies. They also keep the pen from rolling- and being glow in the dark, they are easy to find in low light. They fit the cheap stick pens we use at work (whatever is on sale) and most of the pens you get at a trade show! The cap gives the pen a little weight at the tip, which I like, but some might not.
by Madkins007


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