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Memory: 35 K

Availability Unknown

(Full Package)
(Four Refills )

User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

Great product!
Been using the demo for about a day. Find it is easier for my data entry than with graffiti. A lot of the time I had to resort to the keyboard display for certain characters. Having the numeric keys with the alpha keys really helps. Printed out the demo overlay and mounted it under the WriteRites. Works great except sometimes the sliding for numbers doesn't register. But not a problem since the product will come with it's own overlays.
by BudPritchard

Thumbs Up

The single most important app on my Prism
I have become totally dependant on FitalyStamp! It's the one app that I could not do without. With the new version 2.0, that's currently in beta, it can handle long slides so that one can use SwitchHack, McPhling, PopUp hacks etc. That means that I will NEVER have any need to exit FitalyStamp and return to Graffiti mode. Many people have found that FitalyStamp gives them vastly increased data input speeds. For me, it's not so much the increased speed benefit but rather the increased ACCURACY that I get that's important. I can now enter text strings that are 100% accurate instead of them being mostly accurate when using Graffiti.
by the kalahari surfer

Thumbs Up

Fitaly stamp kudos
Fitaly stamp is for anyone who needs to speed up either their input accuracy or their speed. Learning a new keyboard configuration is made pretty easy by the Mavis Beacon-like practice tutorials. I can pretty consistently get 50 to 60 wpm with high accuracy. Comes in handy for everything from entering new contacts to writing longer notes.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

if you want speed, look no further
This is the fastest text entry solution, hands down. It takes training, but something this good wouldn't come without effort. I average around 40-50 wpm. It's probably a good idea to retain Graffiti ability, because there are times when you need it (i.e., in the dark where the Fitaly stamp is not visible).
by ragamuffinn

Thumbs Up

Once you Fitaly, you'll never Graffiti!
I recently purchased fitalyStamp after using the demo version for several weeks. There is a learning curve and you must commit the time to practice. I started pretty slow with my speed less than 15 wpm. However, after playing the FitalyLetris game that came with it, my speed increased dramatically. When you start out, you'll do a lot of 'hunting & pecking' but once you memorize the locations it becomes easier and the layout makes more sense. At the moment, I can consistently type about 48 wpm. Even just 5-10 minutes of practice a day, you'll greatly improve your speed. And if you ever have to use graffiti, there's a small icon you tap to quickly enable/disable fitalyStamp.This is one of the best software programs I purchased for my Visor and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to take copious notes on their palm.
by Ted

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