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HotSync in Case: Yes

Ir In Case Yes

Weight: 2.0 oz.

Size: 3-1/8" x 4-7/8" x 1"

Case Type Leather

Held by: Strap

Availability Unknown

(Magnetic Closure)
(Snap Closure)

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  47% Thumbs Down 53%

Thumbs Up

Quality of Opinions
I find it interesting that the majority of the bad reviews read as if they were written by an eight year old. Makes it a little difficult to take them seriously.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Awesome Case if you got the Loot.
Most people are simply complaining about the cost. Yes, it is very expensive. I go the case with the snap so that I don't have to worry about the magnets. It has helpful chart for symbols you forget on the flip part. For an extra $10 I got my name added to it on the top. The snap on clip is very cool once I figured it out... I can snap it to almost anything and the swivel is great. Shipping costs extra bucks but this isn't from the U.S. They are very sexy and go with the prism just fine, all I need now is a Apple Powerbook G4. If you have the cash or want to pay for a good case, this is it. The only case you will need or want.
by viPrism

Thumbs Up

This is a great case!
This case is very stylish functional.It is well thought out.The craftsmanship appears good.I really like the magnetic closesure. Also the embossed graffiti chart comes in handy for punctuation and symbols I do not usually use.
by Samuel Pettis

Thumbs Down

worst case company ever
title said it.
by streetfighter

Thumbs Down

you guys right
you guys right
by kon

Thumbs Down

never vaja again
when use ipaq, i bought vaja. well, the leather is nice. but they don't worth this amount of money. you can buy a leather bag at this price. and why should they rip off you on the pricey shipping cost? extreme limit charge far less while express your case from Japan!
by cre8

Thumbs Down

buy EB or Extreme-limit
KentB, I agree with some of your opinions. But actually slipper prism do better job. And extreme-limit doesn't have annoying plastic cover. My score: Vaja: 4/10 Extreme-limit: 8.5/10 Slipper Prism: 8.5/10
by visorpower

Thumbs Down

don't buy it
I totally agree with other opinions. Too pricey without enough function.
by dataguy

Thumbs Up

Great looking case that's comfortable to use
I read all the other comments and was a little disappointed to read the negative comments that simply say "it's bad" -- well, why? Let's hear some evidence. A person wanting to buy the case might agree with your opinion and decide against it. Someone else might think "that’s not important to me, I'll buy one anyway." I also checked out the Extreme Limit case that others were raving about. Although it seems have all the necessary functionality, it looks like a case a high school student would carry and not a "grown-up". Personally, I had the E&B Slipper case for my Visor Deluxe and loved it. When I got my Prism, I got the E&B Slipper for it right away. Very different than the original one though. I didn't care for the zipper at all (got in the way) and the power button is difficult to get to without the stylus (hole's too small). When I saw the Vaja case, I was elated. Pretty much identical to my old E&B case that I loved so much. I've been using mine for two days now and I love it. Everythings easy to get to, it feels great, and best of all, it looks dang good. My only complaint is that it doesn't HotSync in the case. I'm hoping that as the leather wears-in, it'll become possible. Sure it's a bit pricey, but that's the price you gotta pay for quality and good looks. Overall, I think it's a great looking case that's comfortable to use.
by KentB

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