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HotSync in Case: Yes

Ir In Case Yes

Weight: 2.0 oz.

Size: 3-1/8" x 4-7/8" x 1"

Case Type Leather

Held by: Strap

Availability Unknown

(Magnetic Closure)
(Snap Closure)

Flip Top case (Prism) by Vaja

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The Prism Flip Top case comes in several different styles of high-quality Argentinean leather that make the Visor Prism look very stylish. The Visor slides easily in and out of the case, as there are no snaps to deal with to keep the Visor inside. The Flip Top's lid uses two sewn-in magnets to close (a snap version is also available); when open, the lid folds behind and out of the way.

Inside the case, there are also slots for cash and three business cards. Because the Prism case uses magnets, you shouldn't keep credit cards inside the Prism case. The lid has a Vaja logo on the front and closes securely with the magnets Why hasn't anyone done this sooner? Cutouts on the left and right sides of the case allow quick access to the Ir port and stylus.

The back of the case has a cutout so you can reset the Visor while it is still in the case, and the front has a plastic lining that covers the hardware buttons. The front of the case also has cutouts that expose the Prism's microphone and charge light, and the bottom of the case exposes the HotSync port.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  47% Thumbs Down 53%

Thumbs Up

Very good case but has minor flaws
Seems protective enough to withstand drops... but mine doesn't seem to be able to charge and sync in the cradle...yet. Nevertheless, a quality product by Vaja. :)
by Zip-Zilla

Thumbs Up

Worth every dime...
I was very hesitant in purchasing a Vaja case due to the high price and shipping from Argentina. But I found a local distributor ( and took a chance. The case was well worth the $49 bucks. I opted for the brown ostrich pattern without the belt clip. No complaints. The case takes a little use to break the leather in but that's to be expected. The case allows you to sync with the USB cable but not the USB cradle. Slim springport modules will work with the unit in the case (Memplug, thinmodem, etc) but the thicker modules will require the Prism out of the case (Magellan GPS, Xircom Modem, etc). All in all this case is worth every dime.
by coppertop

Thumbs Up

Love Flip Top Case w/Omnisky
I have been looking for a prism case with a flip top and bought other cases because they were cheaper. I am glad that I spent a little extra and bought the Vaja case. It is well worth it.
by anitrenlim

Thumbs Up

Quality Case, very professional
The classiest, most business-like case I've seen to date. Although the leather around the sync contacts and buttons did not fit snugly at first, it has started to conform to the shape of the Prism after just one day. The magnetic closure works as it should, holding the top closed but allowing quick, easy access when needed. I have not been able to sync in the case yet but it appears that once the leather stretches out a bit more this will be possible.
by Mike

Thumbs Up

flip top for deluxe is worth every penny
am using the flip top case for Palm III for my visor deluxe an dlove it. The Vaja website shows a new model that will fit oversized springboards (visorphone?). can't wait to order it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

GREAT case.
Fits my prism like a glove!!! If only they would add a unit that could support the prism and Omnisky modem and/or Visorphone. Pricey, but worth every penny.
by bresnevic

Thumbs Down

see this guy
don't know how to spell english anonymous - anonymouse hahaha! vaja you!!
by anonycat

Thumbs Up

Or perhaps...
I would agree with you that english is definitely not their first language. That doesn't dismiss the fact that they are providing *worthless* comments unsupported by knowledge or reason. They are systematically spamming this "user opinion" board with their ridiculous opinions. I would be suprised if the person posting has ever owned a Vaja. It doesn't make it any better or worse that they cannot speak english. If they said "These Cases Suck" or something that an equally intelligent person with a mastery of english might, it wouldn't be any better. My personal feeling is that the person writing these comments is a single individual with an interest in making Vaja look bad. Maybe their work for another company or maybe they just have a passion for trashing another company. It's impossible to know. However, this is the user opinions section I've read that has been dramatically skewed by worthless comments (mine not excluded) ;-).

Thumbs Down

8 year old comment
Or perhaps English is not their first language. Oh! Didn't think about that one did you?
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

you 5 year old
you 5 year old
by lop

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