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Availability Discontinued

Multi-Angle Mount (CM226) by Arkon Resources, Inc.

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The Deluxe Windshield Mount (model CM226) has three suction cups that attach to your windshield and can be adjusted to match any angle, so this product is appropriate whether you're in a Lamborghini or a Mac truck. The "arm" lays flat on your dash and can extend if needed. The Visor is held by spring-loaded grips above and below it. You can remove the vice grip from the arm if necessary.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  67% Thumbs Down 33%

Thumbs Up

Great Product!!!
I recently bought the CM226 from Mobile Planet and think its great. I've seen all the rest of the mounts out there and none compare to the functionability of this one.
by iPaq Man

Thumbs Down

Give me a Break!!!
This looks as bad as those pads of paper people used to stick on their windshield.
by bob Smith

Thumbs Up

Picked up CM228 at CompUSA
The CM228 is a great mounting solution for my Visor. I particularly appreciate being able to use my I/O modules in mount. I was quite pleased with the $29.95 price at CompUSA.
by Rolrbl8der


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