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Refills RFT4-BLKF (Pen), PL-5 HB (Pencil), MS-5 (Eraser)

Weight 0.7 oz

Size 5 1/2" x 7/16"

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  82% Thumbs Down 18%

Thumbs Up

Worth the extra $$$
The T2300 not only looks good but, is a darn good pen as well!!Its well balanced, writes great and is really stylish. Yea, it costs a little more but this is one of those pens that will last you for years
by bearboy

Thumbs Up

A qualified endorsement
I've got the T2300 when I got my IVX. It's what I reach for when I need to do serious note-taking or have to write on my Visor for an extended period of time. It's well-weighted and is easy to write with. At $30 though, I would have expected more perfection. The pencil has been virtually useless, the lead so thin that it snaps instantly. The pen is very nice and I find myself using it more and more, but over time I've had increasing problems with "jams" between the three instruments. It hasn't been anything serious, but sometimes I have to play around with the mechanism to extend the item I'm looking for. Also, in a rush I've mistakenly opened the pen INSTEAD of the stylus! Thank goodness for screen protection! I'm not sorry I bought it, and would probably buy another, if I needed to. I'd just make sure that something hadn't come out that performed better.
by VoxDei

Thumbs Up

Good ...but not perfect.
I like the look, feel, and weight of the T2300, and mechanically it works well. (I use the pencil fairly rarely, though, and haven't yet had to replace leads.) The pen writes with fair smoothness, and the stylus is absolutely perfect. The drawback is that the barrel keeps loosening on me. I've checked the threads, and they look fine, but in normal use, the barrel very gradually unscrews. Not only is this distracting in writing or data entry, but it adds to the "clang" factor -- already an issue with multi-function pens. By the way, I clip it to the loop-snap on my casual leather Handspring case. The clip on the T2300 is strong.
by Jeff Wilder

Thumbs Up

Almost perfect
This would be the perfect stylus replacement save for one thing. The pencil. I've yet to be able to reload leads into it and have them actually work.
by Hellion_Prime

Thumbs Up

Life Simplifier
This things makes my life much easier -- only one item to carry. The ink pen write extremely well. The stylus works great. The pencil is ok (I've yet to find an equal replacement for my Pentel P225 or P205) but the lead replacement isn't fun. Finally, there's the button pushing/cycling through settings which is a good boredom reducer. All around great pen
by RLH

Thumbs Up

Comfortable, smooth, good size
I wish it was a tiny bit heavier, but I like heavy pens. Stylus point is sooo smooth, and I like the bright orange. No more handcramps from the dinky stylus. I did leave the Handspring stylus in the slot, though, so its there as a back-up, and for the reset pin and screw-driver.
by Digger65

Thumbs Down

Pilot obviously put a lot of work into designing this pen. It feels good in the hand, writes very well on my Visor, and the weight is perfect.
by Benny

Thumbs Up

I used to hate switching between stylus & pen
I like clicking between pen & stylus. I like the size of the pen - a soft finger grip would be nice however. The stylus is a lot smoother than the Handspring Visor's.
by teledaddy

Thumbs Up

Nice Replacement Stylus
A Nice stylus with good feel to it. It's too big to fit in the Handspring cases however, but I'm going to get a ppc targus case that meant for ce devices, so I can hold springboards and the like anyway. A good quality stylus/pen/pencil combo! good tip and nice feel in the hand.
by Vertigo

Thumbs Up

A great multi-purpose pen
This stylus pen not only looks good but is well balanced, has a good grip and makes writing much more comfortable and accurate than the visor stylus. Since this pen does not include a reset pin (would have been nice), I have inserted a part of a paper clip into the stylus tube for emergencies.
by Gene

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