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Size: 4.3" W x 6.3" H x 2" D.

Availability Unknown

Basecamp by Grinder Gear

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The Basecamp has a hinged pocket on the outside. With 5/8" webbing, Cordura TM and EPV sandwiched foam, this bag is built to take punishment. This PDA case is fleece lined to protect your screen. The mesh pocket with shockcord is well suited to a cell phone, sunglasses, etc. The back of the bag has webbing belt loops along with a clip and short handle.

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User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

Just what I was looking for.
I have been looking for a case to hold my PalmIII and a cell phone. I went to a baggage store and the guy there told me if I invented one I would be rich. Well, Grinder Gear has done just that. This is a great case. It is compact but padded so that you will not damage your handheld. The mesh pocket on the outside holds my Samsung SCH-3500 pretty well also. The only problem is I have to hook the shock cord over the antenna of my phone so it doesn't slide out if the pouch inverts. This was deffinitely worth the money.
by ILikeDatabases

Thumbs Up

Good to carry just a bit more
I use the Basecamp clipped to my belt (using the handy carry loop and a simple belt loop and snap) to carry my VDX with the flipcover. I use the handy front pouch for an Eyemodule, CompactFlash drive, and assorted odds and ends. The pouch is incredibly tough and well made. I have not had much use for the bungee cord on the front, but it could come off easily if I wanted to. This gives me a nice 'in between' case, when I want more than just the VDX, but do not want to carry the bigger modules or keyboard. The company was also excellent to deal with.
by Madkins007

Thumbs Down

EB Slipper still best for Prism
There are times that a bigger case would be nice but frankly the EB Slipper is the only way to go for the Prism if you want a useful case. I slide my Prism in and out for charging and sync and would have preferred it without the zipper. That said, it holds my two company credit cards, phone card, 8-10 business cards, and my couple of emergency $20s. (of course my wife and kids have found my slot already) I found that I really only use my ThinModem with the extra 8MB .... it never comes out so size is perfect and I have access to top, IR, stylus as well as an easy removal from the case. Unfortunately for those that use a variety of modules there is not a perfect case in my opinion.
by rdc2

Thumbs Down

No good for a Prism
This case wasn't designed with the thicker Prism in mind. When I want to get it out I have to wedge my fingers in way far down and labouriously force it out - kind of defeats the purpose, especially when my tight grip just results in yanking out a module and not my Visor. It's a nice case, but if you've got a Prism wait for something a mite bit larger.
by Dimwit

Thumbs Up

Great protection for Visor
I bought the Basecamp for the protection it affords the Visor. Also has pockets to carry other needful things. Small and thin cellphones will also fit on outside pockets. GrinderGear also retrofitted my Basecamp with the swivel clip. There are also two belt loops to use for the times when the swivel clip won't do.
by BudPritchard

Thumbs Down

No different than a $10.00 camera bag from Wla-Mart...
Save yourself the $39. For the bulkiness it has, any good camera bag will suffice...
by Jim Gatos


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