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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo, Pro, Prism and Edge

Case Color Black or Cool Blue

Printer Technology Thermal

Power 4 AA's, or with included AC adaptor

PPM ~2.0 ppm

Resoulution 400 DPI

Print Color Monochrome

Availability Unknown

Pocket Printer A6 by SiPix

Easily print from your Palm Powered PDA or notebook computer. Featuring wireless infrared connectivity for use with infrared enabled devices, the Pocket Printer A6 is ideal for mobile computing. Print directly to the printer without using cables. And for non-infrared enabled computers a serial port is also included.

There are no ribbons or cartridges to replace. Using advanced thermal technology; the Pocket Printer A6 provides reliable, trouble-free operation. At less than 14 ounces total weight (with batteries), the printer is light enough to carry everywhere you go. Get high resolution, continuous tone memos, addresses, to do lists, mail or date books from your Palm powered PDA using the included I/S Complete® IrPrint (TM) driver. Or use with your notebook computer to quickly print contracts, presentations and spreadsheets anytime and anywhere

Providing maximum portability and ease of use, the Pocket Printer A6 uses continuous feed paper or single sheets. A roll of SiPix high-quality paper is included with each printer. For power, the printer uses 4 AA alkaline, rechargeable batteries or the included AC adapter. The energy saving feature saves power by automatically shutting off the printer after 3 minutes of non-use. Available in both solid black and translucent cool blue, the Pocket Printer A6 is the ideal mobile companion.

User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

Nice package
The Pocket Printer is a handy addition ot the 'on the go' office. It is a slightly awkward size- too big for most pockets or padded cases, and it has a certain 'toy-like' feel to it, but it does just what the review and promo materials say it does. My personal peeves are: 1. Fabric drawstring carry pouch- why not a simple padded case like the Visor's? The pouch is almost a joke. 2. Installing the paper roll is easy, but it has to go in a certain way. There should have been directions printed on the case to ensure proper placement. 3. The driver (IR Print) is OK, but I would have preferred seeing it bundled with the better "PalmPrint" package.
by Madkins007


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