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Memory 11 K on Visor when inserted

Weight 3.4 oz. (w/ batt.)

Size 2.1" x 2.9" x 1.3"

Accuracy 25 Meters

Availability Unknown

HandyGPS by Nexian

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This Springboard GPS module allows you to pinpoint your exact coordinates on an easy-to-read road map. This module slides easily into your Handspring Visor's Springboard expansion slot. The 12-channel GPS receiver displays individual satellite information including PRN (pseudorandom noise) code, elevation, and azimuth. Your current fixed-position status is always displayed.

This module allows you to record and play back your journey path; track your speed, direction, and altitude; and pinpoint your exact coordinates. Use the search function to find unfamiliar street names and locations and locate points of interest like shopping malls, police stations, and schools.

Your Handspring's memory records memos on map snapshots and saves them in files. Record several trip paths or customize your own map with markers, linking them to personal notes and descriptions. (UbiGo software is offered as a free download to registered users from Nexian for U.S. street-level map viewing.)

This GPS module operates on two AAA batteries for up to four hours and will draw a small amount of power from your Handspring batteries as well.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  52% Thumbs Down 48%

Thumbs Up

Firmware upgrade
HandyGPS has a firmware upgrade to use Ubigo 1.5 software.
by calhoe

Thumbs Up

works with StreetFinder Deluxe 2000
Currently, beta testing with Rand McNally Street Finder Deluxe 2000. This gives the option of NOT tied to Nexian web site for map downloads. BUT if you want the latest and greatest info, detailed maps are availiable at the Nexian site.
by calhoe

Thumbs Down

too much trouble aquiring signal
I had a great deal of trouble aquiring a satellite lock. After I finally did get a lock as soon as I changed to the map I had to reaquire the lock all over again. Took far to long and proveded far too little.
by LPlumlee

Thumbs Up

my unit works
The HandyGPS leaves a lot to be desired when compared to 1st order survey units. However, for $149 I believe the value is there. Once satelites are locked, the unit works as advertized. A couple of nits: 1) sometimes the HandyGPS batteries need to be removed for the unit to initialize properly; 2) the UbiGo software and data are far from a commerical product.
by Greg

Thumbs Up

Thumb's up for me
HandyGPS is great. I always get a fix, I only lose the fix if I'm driving and that's usually only for a few seconds. The software could be better, but it is free. They’re supposed to be coming out with a Rand McNally Street Finder software towards the end of March. Then all of us HandyGPS owners can get point-to-point directions! 8 )
by Franke Lee

Thumbs Up

I waited
Now that the other springboard GPS are out, this one doesnt look so bad. I think they got the bugs ironed out on this little module. This one has been working fine, usually locks more than 5 satelittes and stays locked, for the screen size of the visor there is no reason to spend $300
by Matt

Thumbs Up

It's Handy to know where you are 8 )
Consider me a GPS Geek. I love technology! This GPS is by far the best module on the market. I purchased mine at MacWorld in San Francisco. They were doing demonstrations on how to use the module and I haven't had a problem with mine yet. I am definitely a satisfied customer. I’m sure they must read their reviews, please contact me if you ever need a beta tester!
by Dave

Thumbs Up

This Rocks!
Wow, I feel like I'm writing an essay for class. Sorry for all the misprints, there's no spell check here! I definitely recommend the HandyGPS. I had a rocky start but it was all user errors! The customer service is great, they helped me the day I received the unit. Every time I call with a question, they never put me on hold, if they don't know the answer they find it for you. I wonder if they'll help me with my homework too...? This is by far the only unit you should consider purchasing. You even get a live customer service agent to help you when in dire straits!
by Danielle

Thumbs Up

A GPS the Size of a Matchbox
I've had the unit for about four weeks now, and have taken it on many trips. Once the GPS is locked, and then it maintains the lock very well. In a recent trip of about 3.5 hours it kept the sync in the car very well. Re-syncing after turning off the Visor is much faster. The mapping software by Ubigo is excellent. You can download the maps by county or by city. This is not as powerful a GPS as a standalone unit. But, it is the size of a matchbox, and doesn't require you to pack yet another electronic device. For$150, it's well worth it.
by Harriet Potter 4 Ever

Thumbs Up

Never be lost again
The HandyGPS is great. My first cold start took about 60 sec, and every time after that a warm start was about 10-30 sec. I've never lost a connection in my car. I've been able to use the map mode for over an hour. The HandyGPS is very user friendly, and the Ubigo manual is very helpful as well. I definitely recommend this module for its dependability.
by Francine

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