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Color Silver, Graphite

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Battery Type 2 AAA Alkalines

Weight 5.4 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"

Availability Discontinued

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  92% Thumbs Down 8%

Thumbs Up

way too damn fast
a huge improvement in speed and OS over the VDX
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Replaced my Deluxe - Very Happy!
I replaced my Deluxe with the Visor Platinum. The extra speed serves me well due to the large ThinkDB data bases I use for my job. The conversion from the Deluxe to the Platinum was super easy, having used my backup module to accomplish the data movement. From my point of view, the Platinum appears to be a much more sturdy machine, out of the box, than the Deluxe was. All in all, the Platinum is a definite plus for me!
by Michael

Thumbs Up

Had the Delux got the Platinum.
I don't really need to be able to watch video on my PDA or use a wireless modem/cell phone on my PDA. But with my new Platinum, I can if I want to. The older Visor Delux has problems with the Minstrel modems and ActiveSky (the PDA video player) says that it works with the Platinum and the Prism (but not the Delux). As I said, I don't need to be able to watch a 30 second cartoon video on my PDA, but I can, and I do. Can you?
by BR

Thumbs Up

Like it so much I got Dad one
I received my Visor Platinum Monday. I had a seamless transfer of data files from my Palm IIIe. The first thing I noticed was the clearer screen, it is not much better but I think it is better. The speed of the USB interface is much better then the old serial one of my Palm, I wonder why Palm never when to it on their new systems. Anyway… The speed of the Platinum is noticeable moving from application to application. It really hit me when I used AvantGo. It was so much faster then my Palm and the screen did not loose its contrast like it did on the IIIe. I did get the Springboard backup, it did not seem overly fast to me, but since I never have used one before it is hard to say. The black of the cartage does stand out, that I do not like. However, they do not make a clear one or any other color so there is little I can do about that. Over all I would have to give it 4.5 of 5 for it is fast and has a nice screen. The price is not that much, if you are paying $250 for the Deluxe you mine as well spend the extra $50 and get a up-to-date system and enjoy the benefits. And yes, I did order my father one. He has been looking to get a Palm based computer for a wile and this was the one I recommended to him.
by SamW

Thumbs Up

Best Visor for the money
I had an ice Vdx and just sold it off to get the Platinum. I am completely satisfied with the upgrade. I really wanted the 4bit greyscale and the speed boost aint too shabby either. I almost think I may prefer the Ice for looks overall, but that I can overlook that. I do like that you get a deluxe stylus with it and I don't mind that the stylus and the cover are black (looks kinda snazzy to me). If I had unlimited funds I'd really like the prism but since that is bordering on what I could pay for a used Pentium laptop I'd rather stick with value and features over glitz. As for the software problems, I transferred everything (hacks, shareware, handscape etc)from the Vdx to the Platinum and havent had a problem. ANyone looking to get their first PDA should give the Platinum top consideration.
by Neko2

Thumbs Up

Best Palm OS device so far
I have had many different handhelds and my favorite used to be the Palm Vx because of its size manily. Once I needed more RAM though, I had to make another choice and I have not regretted it. I was about to get a Visor Deluxe or a Sony Clie, but after trying them both out, the Visor won out. The Springboard slot made the difference, especially now that there are lots of options for it. The Platinum came out just in time as I was about to spend my money on the deluxe. If I had a deluxe already, I would not upgrade, but if you are buying a new one anyway, the Platinum is best in my book.
by Barry

Thumbs Up

I finally decided to upgrade my much outdated US Robotics Palm Pilot Professional. I looked into bunch PDAs (i.e. Palm IIIc, Palm Vx, Visor Prism, and even some Pocket PC PDAs!) before I finally decided on Visor Platinum. First, I decided not to go with Pocket PC because of the limitation in avail. software. Also, a PDA with MS OS doesn't inspire too much confidence for me...out goes Pocket PC PDAs in my list of potentials. Second, I decided not to go with the color display route because of battery usage issue. I also figured that it was more for show than anything else...Palm IIIc and Visor Prism are out of list too! The race came down to between Palm Vx and Visor Platinum. I love Palm Vx design the most; however, look isn't everything. Visor Platinum has everything (minus the look) that Palm Vx has and more! In the end it's the Springboard module (the expansion slot on the back) that sold me. I also did a side-by-side comparison with my friend's Palm Vx after I received my Visor. The Palm Vx really isn't that much smaller than the Visor. Why didn't I just get the Visor Deluxe? Well, I thought the new Palm OS and the silver ext. is worth that $50 bucks. Plus, it looks at home in my Ti slider case. Excellent!!
by T

Thumbs Up

Nice Improvements
With the upgraded os and speed, the Platinum is a great Palm device. I look forward to the upcoming cool and useful modules. I highly recommend the Platinum for those who need speed, good display and expansion capability.
by Budd

Thumbs Down

Prism is better
The Prism is just as fast, and I think it is reasonable in daylight.
by Anonymous

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