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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Color Silver, Graphite

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Battery Type 2 AAA Alkalines

Weight 5.4 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"

Availability Discontinued

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  92% Thumbs Down 8%

Thumbs Up

Great gadget, a little too thick tough.
by Gian

Thumbs Up

Great buy!
I love this thing! Yes, the backlight was crap, but d/l Greenlight hack and you are sitting pretty! I wish that the memory limitations of the OS would let me move more to the 8 MB expansion, but I can live with this limit. This unit is fast, works great with the Geode GPS board, and incredibly useful to me! I love teaming it up with my Targus keyboard for a mini computer!
by SvZurich

Thumbs Up

Platinum is truly "Best Buy"
I have been a Visor Deluxe (ICE) owner for the past 6 months and truly becoame addicted to PDAs. I recently upgraded to a Platinum in order to get the newer operating sys and the speed. When I held the Platinum for the first time it felt more solid than my VDX. It might just be the palstic but it still "feels" slightly more solid. Also the looks are classy. I thought I wouldn't like the color as much as my Ice Visor but I was wrong. I had no problems setting up my Platinum. Just hotsynced and went. Great Product. HAIL VISOR!
by Clark Fralick

Thumbs Up

Great Value
The speed is amazing. I regularly use TinySheet and AportisDocReader for PDFs, wow. Even though it's monochrome, I enjoy using AlbumToGo help demonstrate it's speed (vs a IIIx showing the same images). Having the Platinum also helps with future expandability, being able to run modules that need the extra umphf (ie OmniSky). Definitely worth the extra $50 over the Deluxe.
by LilPenguin

Thumbs Up

A Deluxe+
I would have waited until the next generation of Handsprings came along had not my Deluxe's ability to 'sync correctly stopped. Unable to exchange it at Best Buy due to having no stock left I paid the difference and got the Platinum. To this day I am more than satisfied that I paid the difference.
by Craig_L_S

Thumbs Down

Warning! Backlight on Platinum is WORTHLESS
Fine, it's great, as good as my Visor Deluxe. But the Backlight is absolutely WORTHLESS. On a Visor Deluxe the backlit text is bright and clear even in a barely dim room. It is impossible to read backlit text on a Platinum unless it is completely dark, and even then, it is dim, and hard to read.
by hates_bs_features

Thumbs Up

The best you can buy
If you want speed and power, storage space, and dont want to spend $500 for color, this is the PDA to buy
by GameGuru

Thumbs Up

A 1001 uses. Very vauluable for inventory databases
I wish Visors were a bit thinner. But I haven't used any type of springboard moduale yet. Visor Platinum holds a lot of data and is very fast at finding it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Having used a Palm V, IIIxe and a VDX, I've finally settled for the Platinum. Handspring just keeps getting better and better! (My roommate bought the overpriced Prism. He's happy with it too)
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Horrible trying to sync, but it's GREAT otherwise
I've wanted a Visor for at least a year, and my parents surprised me! Everythign is good with the visor, except my computer wouldn't sync. (my 95 to 98 somputer doesn't like USB) and tha nti took me a whole nother day to install win 98 on a unformatted drive. It was great. Everything is super fast, but the case could be better. I love the color! Overall IT is perfect, just my win98 is horrible. GO LINUX!!
by miradu2000

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