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Size 4 1/8" x 2 5/16" x 5/16"

Weight 0.6 oz.

Memory 1K on Visor when inserted

Availability Unknown

OmniRemote by Pacific Neo-Tek

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Consolidate all the remotes cluttering your coffee table with Pacific Neo-Tek's OmniRemote Module.

It plugs easily into your Handspring Visor Springboard expansion slot. Simply draw a button on the screen and program it with the IR sequence you want it to emit when you press the button. If you need more buttons on the same screen, just resize and program as many as you want.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  67% Thumbs Down 33%

Thumbs Up

Love the Macros feature.
I have 5 components which require remote control and the OmniRemote works all of them. Try and find a universal remote anywhere that will control a CD burner/player, DVD player, TV, Receiver, and VCR - every single function included. This thing is great, and what's super special is the ability to program macros. I set up an individual screen which has channel and volume controls, and pre-selected tv stations. If I want to wathc the Seattle Mariners, I just click the button named M's, and assuming they're playing there they are. Great stuff. I also programmed the unit to turn on/off all components with one click. Wahoo!
by shuakhwe

Thumbs Down

Marginally successful, overall not useful
The devices that I could train the Omniremote to control worked the first time every time, but the devices I could not control with it refused all attempts. Unfortunately, the two devices I could not get the OmniRemote to talk to were my cable box and my DVD player. Which for me, means that this product came close, but no cigar. A shame I plunked down the cost of a Springboard module in order to find this out.
by Terry Selba

Thumbs Up

It still is a cool product, but...
to answer your question, i have already asked them that, and it is no, you cant use the module to beam applications
by Vew

Thumbs Down

Is there a way to Beam Applications with it?
I was seriously considering getting this module. I tried my friends OmniRemote with my visor prisim, and was wondering, if there was a way to use it for high powered beaming of applications?
by Trekie800

Thumbs Up

Wonderful Product
It took a long time to train it for all my remotes, but once it was done, it works great. I did have problems with Panasonic remotes which seem to do repeats a little funny. Plus the All Off on my Sony remote doesn't work since it sends signals to multiple devices in sequence and it is to long for Omniremote to learn. I have started creating macros to take me to my favorite channels with one click.
by WuKung

Thumbs Down

Bad quality
I purchased the remote module in Nov. 2000. I had problems using it as it kept crashing my visor. I emailed pacific neotek helpline.. got no reply. Emailed them again.. no reply. I feel cheated because I can hardly use it.. only when my battery is full does it work. Pacific Neotek suck!!!
by shadi

Thumbs Up

Awesome Module
I had downloaded the demo software version, and was not sure I liked it. The software only would not work with my General Instruments digital cable box. I went ahead and ordered the module and WOW!! It is impressive. It runs everything is is VERY easy to use. Now I can finally hide all 6 remotes it took the place of!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Excellent Product/Support
I thoroughlt enjoy this springboard! I received a defective casing on my original OmniRemote, wrote to the company and they sent me a new and improved model(ice and internal IR emitter!). Thank you, Pacific Neo-Tek!
by NavXO

Thumbs Up

Very Versatile and Great Range
Love this Module! I've programed every IR remote in my house (including lighting and fan units). Well worth the price. Only downside-customer support was not very good.
by NavXO

Thumbs Up

Nice Toy
The omni-remote is my first springboard, and I love it! It works fine, one just need to get practice with the training settings. First I thought I could not program my VCR, but after changing some of the training preferences, everything works well! One might argue it is too expensive, but it is definitly a cool gadget. PS: Anyone selling a used 2MB visor? ;-)
by Anonymous

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