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Quicksheet 5.0 by Cutting Edge Software

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As I began experimenting with Quicksheet, I had a gut feeling of what my response would be: amazed. The first good sign was the installation. Simple, clear. Quicksheet will work as a stand alone application, but like the basic Palm OS applications (address, calendar, to do, memo) it really is only a supplement to a desktop application. Quicksheet works only with Excel the program that stole the spreadsheet crown from Lotus 1-2-3 way, way back.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  92% Thumbs Down 8%

Thumbs Down

Yes good spreadsheet
Excel interoperability is excellent.
by Venomwalk

Thumbs Up

Not perfect, but pretty good
Not as powerful as MiniCalc or Tinybits, apparently; but the interface is EXTREMELY easy to use, and the synching with Excel works great. Note: I use it mostly for tabular text formatting, and not calculations, so take this with a grain of salt. (I wish one could store more than 75 characters in a cell!)
by bookrats

Thumbs Up

Very cool!
It does what it supposes to do. Works well.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Brilliant piece of work
This was the first app I purchase for my Palm 2 years ago (v3.0) and it's remained "Cutting Edge" since. Now into v5.0 (love the free upgrades), it's does everything I want effortlessly and does it with ease.
by Will

Thumbs Up

Excellent use of Palm!
Quicksheet really puts some serious computing power in your hands. Just like the real world example in the review, I use it daily for negotiations and cost management as a buyer for a manufacturing firm. This is top notch stuff. I've tried the many cheaper apps and always come back to Quicksheet. Even the charting is useful sometimes.
by Jake Crilatz

Thumbs Up

Keeping score with Quicksheet
I use Quicksheet to keep track of golf scores and a ping-pong tournament I am involved in with some friends of mine. After each round, I beam the current statistics to the other players and we all have the latest standings.
by kevman

Thumbs Up

Excellent Product
I do not have a need for a spreadsheet for my VDX. However, I downloaded the trial to check out the capabilities. If I ever have a need for a spreadsheet, this is the product I would purchase. Well worth the $39.95.
by BudPritchard

Thumbs Up

Even pushing the envelope, it's great
I am an "excel geek" for about 8 years. I have been able to import two sort-of large spreadsheets (one containing mileage records for two cars and the other a list of references for reading the Bible in a year). The only gotchas I have encountered are certain formulas that don't fail gracefully (e.g. trying to do a standard deviation on more than 30 entries will cause a "FATAL ERROR" reset) and occasional "freezes" (which forced me to do a warm reset). Be advised however that both of these problems occured when I was trying to create rather large sheets, when I was editing new equations. Once I finished entering the formulas for the two sheets I mentioned above, they have been working great. One sheet calculates averages and standard deviations for more than 100 data points. The other does a table lookup through a table that is over 300 entires long. Also, the desktop interface works great! This is in my top 5 pieces of software for my Visor.
by ConexantGuy

Thumbs Up

Absolutely Stunning
This is an amazingly well thought out package. I used it to calculate the costs of moving house, and it highlighted an overcharge by my convayancer, whilst I was sitting in his office.
by nurcombe

Thumbs Up

Excellent Product
I use Quicksheets 5.0 to do estimates for construction jobs. No need to haul around a laptop. With all the features of Quicksheets, I can quickly provide an estimate to a client. I keep my inventory, employee information, vehicle and equipment information, price lists, and job lists on quicksheets. It's there when I need them. $39.00 is a reasonble price for this kind of convienence. Thank you Cutting Edge.
by Mike


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