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Power Accessory Kit

Tue Apr 24, 2001 - 4:20 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

AVisor Prism and Visor Edge users have the pleasure of being able to use rechargeable batteries - they can charge their Visors without having it leave the cradle. Regular Visors dont have that capability, but there are some options. 

The original method was to have two sets of batteries, one that is charging and one that is in the Visor. When the Visors batteries run low, you swap them. 

In certain circumstances, this can get very annoying.

Then along came the Fullcharge. It replaces the battery, and the battery cover with some proprietary pieces. The problem is that after a year you will probably have to buy a new battery. Then a sticker shock settles in - about $20 for their battery alone.

Now there is another solution: The ICU Digital Handspring Power Accessory Kit. This kit fixes the proprietary battery problem and adds an extra feature. The battery contacts are open, so you can make things that clip/stick on to the Visor, and draw power. Therefore, it matches the philosophy of the Visor. Its expandable!

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