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MemPlug for CompactFlash

Sat Jun 9, 2001 - 6:20 PM EDT - By Scott Hanselman

The Hardware

The MemPlug for CompactFlash, as is it's partner, the MemPlug for SmartMedia, is very well machined and feels very sturdy. The MemPlug for CompactFlash that I received is made of a sturdy smokey grey plastic. It has thumb ridges that make removing it very easy. It does stick out of the back of the Visor (rather than being completely flush) a little more than a millimeter, but you don't notice it at all. One problem, however, you can NOT use the plastic cover that comes with the Visor snapped on the back. You can use the cover to protect the front of the Visor, but it can't be stowed, as the MemPlug interferes.

I've always been a fan of CompactFlash over SmartMedia. CompactFlash is used everywhere, PocketPCs, Cameras, Laptops with Adapters, it's ubiquitous. SmartMedia is less common. When inserted into the MemPlug a CF card sticks out just a tiny bit - about a millimeter. You can use your thumb to grip the small lip that all CF cards have, but the MemPlug for CompactFlash does have a small cut out that makes removal and insertion a breeze. I'd still prefer, for my own comfort, if there was a way to have the CF card exist entirely within the Springboard Module.

When you compare the MemPlug Springboard to a CF Solution like the MatchBookDrive or InnoPocket, you notice that there's a lot more circuitry in the MemPlug. The MemPlug includes Flash Memory with the Palm Software. Portable Innovation says this internal memory can also be updated with future software updates, and they have released an update for their MemPlug for SmartMedia and they can also release updates the MemPlug for CF. When the new PiDirect software is released. it will be available as a Flash Update. The updating process is simple and painless, and is something you'll see with many Flash-based modules like the EyeModule.

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Product Info
Name MemPlug Compact Flash
Company Portable Innovation Technology
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