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Backup & 8MB Flash Module

Fri Jun 29, 2001 - 1:01 PM EDT - By Scott Hanselman

File Mover Software

The FileMover software is very smooth operating, and easy to use. The buttons at the top of the application switch between viewing the files that are in Internal Memory, and those on the Module itself. The pull-down on the upper left switches between showing Apps, Data, or both in the list. The list can also be sorted.  This is basically the File Mover app from the 8 Meg and 16 Meg Hagiwara Modules. Typically I leave this view set to 'Apps' and I only move applications that make sense to move. Large Apps over 300K like DateBk4 (if you plan on keeping the module in all the time) are a good start. Also, large games like ZAP!2016 and Liberty are candidates. These applications will automatically store their preferences in Internal Memory. If you remove the Module, the apps that live on it will disappear but their preferences will remain in internal memory.  This is important, especially when you've registered a shareware application as you'd want your registration information to stay on your Visor.  

The FileMover software is very attractive, and includes some color when appropriate. It also has a fairly accurate progress bar meter which is helpful for large copy operations.  I like the inclusion of the Move button, which avoids a second tap to Delete after a Copy.

 The Flash Module is tightly integrated with the PalmOS and really looks like additional memory. You can see this by using the "Info" Menu Item from the Main Application Launcher. A pull-down appears in the standard Info and Delete screens that lets you choose between "Internal" and "Module." As you can see here, I've got nearly 16Megs free on the Module after installing a few apps.

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Product Info
» Name Backup & 8MB Flash Module
» Company Hagiwara Sys-Com
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $94.99

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