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Fri Jun 23, 2000 - 10:33 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


Control it allOnce I had everything trained, I was able to control everything with OmniRemote except my RC5220P DVD player; as both the DVD player and the television are from RCA and their individual remotes can control either unit, I was a little surprised at this problem. All other components, however, worked fine with OmniRemote, with the exception of the TV -- when i first programmed the remote, i held the buttons for too long. This caused the Visor to soft-reset when I used certain buttons; retraining fixed this problem.

OmniRemote PrefsWhile using the module, I was able to use the OmniRemote at least 20 feet away from my television. Using your stylus to select channels does take some getting used to -- fortunately, you can assign buttons to the Visor's hardware buttons to give the OmniRemote that true remote control feel. Power users may wish to get the Fingertip Stylus from Concept Kitchen to make using the OmniRemote easier.

OmniRemote has quite a few other features as well. You can create macros so you can turn on all of your equipment with the press of a single button and control X.10 Infrared devices as well. It is important to note that remotes or X.10 devices that use radio signals will not work with the OmniRemote. The battery usage dropped 10% while I was training the OmniRemote, but doesn't seem to drain the Visor too much when the OmniRemote is actually being used. The module is pricey when compared to other universal remotes ($59.95 SRP), but unlike those remotes, you can design the controls any way you want with OmniRemote.

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Product Info
Name OmniRemote
Company Pacific Neo-Tek
Size 4 1/8" x 2 5/16" x 5/16"
Weight 0.6 oz.
Memory 1K on Visor when inserted
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