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WeSync with your modem

Thu Apr 6, 2000 - 10:07 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Now you can share your Visor's callendar anywhere. WeSync now supports the hs Modem module so you can use its Modem Refresh technology to update/share new information. Here are some features from the press release:

  • The web synchronization process (when updates to shared information are communicated between devices) is seamlessly embedded in the standard one-button sync procedure. There are no extra sync steps for users, and therefore minimal learning curve. Sharing privileges and setup are easily managed through private, secure online communities hosted at the WeSync web site.

  • Additionally, on the handheld device itself, the service includes a number of extensions to already familiar applications like the Palm(TM) Date Book to simplify the managing of shared information and multiple calendars.

  • As an added benefit, WeSync users also have access to a growing collection of publicly available calendars and address books that are available for easy download and kept automatically accurate through the service.

  • Current examples include trade show calendars, sports schedules and airline 800 numbers. Coming additions will include financial information and a number of other business resources from partnerships with third party content specialists in those areas.


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