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Mon Sep 18, 2000 - 9:19 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse

3 screenshotsI worry about getting enough calories, and thatís where DietLog comes in. It keeps track of those pesky calories and is easy to set up. You plug in your vital stats. Height, weight, sex, target weight. Then you plug in your activity level. From couch potato (I think they call it sedentary) to compulsive (very heavy activity).

At 100+ miles on the bike a week, my activity level classified as heavy.† The problem with this level of exercise is that making sure you get enough calories can be a lot of work. Later in the season, Iíll probably complete a couple of centuries Ė thatís a 100 miles in a single day. Iíll be on the New York Cycle Clubís century in September. Thatís when it gets to be a chore to eat (Ed: wish I had that problem!). You canít stuff enough pasta and chicken wings down. Candy bars, energy bars, and ice cream just begin to taste gross. But they are the easiest concentrated form of calories.

DietLog is very specific. You pick your type of diet based on a percentage carbs to proteins and fats. Although customizable, , there are some presets. From vegetarian to the Zone. I chose prudent. A 70-15-15 ratio. By the end of day one, I was far, far from prudent. Much closer to a pyramid (50-20-25).

All of the logs and caloric goals are completely customizable. I would suggest a qualified nutritionist to guide you through the settings. They seemed beyond the comprehension of a mere mortal.

The basic operation of DietLog is simple.† Eat something.† Search DietLogís extensive database of food type substances and add it to your list of foods eaten for the day.† Broken up by meals and snacks, DietLog knows the exact (exact I tell you) nutritional breakdown of every food you could possibly eat. From carbs to fat to sugar, protein, sodium, fiber, cholesterol. Well almost. My ice cream had the appropriate number of calories. But for some reason, none of them came from sugar. Go figure.

My caloric goal for day one: 3806. By lunch I was only at 1454. So I was worried I wouldnít make it. (38% according to DietLog). Fortunately my two days of testing conveniently fell on my cousin Billís wedding extravaganza.

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