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Bullet Space Pen Stylus

Sun Sep 24, 2000 - 3:46 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Bullet Space Pen StylusEver since I was six years old, I have wanted to become an astronaut.  If I ever do go in space, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen Stylus (hereafter Space Stylus) will be going up there with me.


TechnologyThe Space Stylus is a modified version of the original Chrome Bullet Pen that Fisher designed in 1948.  Fisher Space Pens have been used by NASA since 1967 because it can write in the vacuum of space and has been featured for years in the New York Museum of Modern Art. The pen works in extreme temperatures (-50° F to 400° F) and can be used at any angle. Click here for a technical description of how the pen works and for an interesting story on how the Space Pen saved the Apollo 11 mission!

Now that you have had your history lesson, let's take a look at the Space Stylus itself.  The stylus is shaped to be short and stubby and has a clip-on for your shirt.  Pull the back of the stylus out, turn it around, and then reinsert it into the front part of the stylus to give you a full-size ink pen.  Just imagine how The Eagle docked with the Columbia command module and you'll get the idea.

The Space Stylus comes in Chrome or Black and uses black, blue, or red ink refills.


The final frontierSince I didn't get the stylus until the Shuttle mission STS-106 had already left for the International Space Station, I wasn't able to give the Space Stylus its proper testing.  Maybe next time .  So I tried out the black stylus tip of the stylus on my Visor for a while, and I must say, this stylus has one of the best tips that I have ever used.  I was very impressed with how smoothly the Space Stylus moved across the Visor's screen, even when using WriteRights.  I also like the thickness of the Space Stylus, which is greater than most styli tend to be.

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Product Info
» Name Bullet Space Pen
» Company Fisher Space Pen Co.
» Refill? Yes, $3.95
» Fits visor No
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $22

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