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Wed Jul 19, 2000 - 8:36 AM EDT - By Aaron Hebeisen

The BurroPak by LandWare, Inc. is the "Hands Free" holster style carrying case. The case is constructed in Cordura, a material much like Canvas. The stitching, straps, and velcro are of fine quality. The BurroPaks padded shoulder straps come with a guarantee that it will not break or fail from normal use.

I have to admit; at first glance I had flashes of the movie Young Guns with renegade cowboys beaming data throughout a western town. This made me wonder about BurroPak's comfort level and look. When shopping for a carrying case comfort ways heavily on the decision making process. I did find "good" comfort with a little help from the padded adjustable shoulder straps. The next thing I noticed was how lightweight the BurroPak was empty. After placing the Visor and Nokia cell phone inside I found it a little awkward. Having to go back and adjust the straps once again the awkwardness somewhat went away. I think not being use to having something hanging from my shoulders had a lot to do with this. Walking around the office I felt myself initiating a lot of inquiring faces. What you might think with its holster style look. I found the BurroPak tended to sway from side to side without a sport coat or jacket. Wearing a coat did help hold the BurroPak snug to my side.

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Product Info
Name BurroPak
Company LandWare
Size 6.5" tall x 4" wide
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