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SpringPort Modem 56 GlobalACCESS

Tue Nov 21, 2000 - 1:12 PM EST - By Mark Pierson

Using The SpringPort

When inserted, the SpringPort sits flush with the top of the Visor. All of the modules additional size hangs off the back. There is a standard RJ-11 phone jack built in that allows a regular phone line to be connected directly to the module… no dongles or proprietary adapters required.

There is also a second jack for a future optional GSM Connection Kit that is supposed to provide support for GSM 900, 1800, and 1900 connectivity via a variety of mobile phones, including Ericsson, Siemens and Nokia. I could not obtain any further information about this option from Xircom regarding specifications, features, or availability.

Two indicator LED's, also on top of the SpringPort, show when the unit is powered on (only when the module is actually in use) and indicate line activity while sending and receiving, though these are not readily visible while holding the Visor in a normal position, something I personally would like to see changed. Overall, the module looks and feels very rugged and durable, but I wouldn't recommend stress testing it by dropping it on the floor.

For software, the SpringPort comes with a registered version of MultiMail PRO II v2.24, AvantGo v3.3, a Xircom version of the Handspring FileMover application, and the SpringPort Modem software driver/app, all on its 800 KB of Flash RAM. There is approximately 200 KB of available memory on the module for storing other apps. The modem driver will detect and warn about a digital line connection (fatal to most modems) with both a visual message and three warning beeps. There's also a bare bones Terminal Mode where you can control the modem directly using standard AT commands.

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Product Info
» Name SpringPort Modem 56 GlobalACCESS
» Company Xircom
» Weight: 2.9 oz.
» Speed Up to 56k
» Size: 2 9/16" x 2 3/16" x 1 1/16"
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $49.99

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