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Tactilis Flip-Clip and Cover

Sat Dec 23, 2000 - 1:32 PM EST - By Mark Pierson


Installing the Flip-Clip requires no glue, adhesive, or any other mechanical fasteners... it simply "clips" to the top of the Visor using a friction fit. Tactilis supplies a simple and easy-to-follow installation sheet that also includes a $1.00 rebate coupon on the purchase of a Flip-Lid. If you look at the top of the Visor, you'll notice that the sides of the casing are curved like this: (____). The Flip-Clip is shaped to fit this curvature and has two tiny locking "tabs" molded into each side that fit in the ridges you see along the sides of the Visor casing. The fit is quite snug and holds fairly well but it's by no means a permanent attachment, so you'll need to exercise caution to keep from pulling it off. This is especially true when removing the Visor from a slip-style case.

You're literally ready to use the Flip-Clip and cover in seconds after opening the package. Upon installing the Flip-Clip on the Visor, you snap the cover onto it and you're ready to go. Once installed, the IR window is unobstructed so beaming won't be a problem, and the stylus is still accessible. Someone with larger fingers may find it difficult to get at the stylus due to the thickness at the side of the Flip-Clip. Any stylus (like the PDA Panache) that extends from the top of the silo should work in conjunction with the clip as well.

The Flip-Clip by itself is fairly unobtrusive when installed. While it adds a bit to the overall width, the clear plastic doesn't distract from the looks of the Visor. Since I don't have a black clip (nor the matching Graphite Visor), I can't say how that particular combination would look like.

The reproduction cover is a nice way to show off the Flip-Clip's potential. However, it doesn't come close to fitting the Visor properly. In the closed position, there's approximately 1/8" of space between it and the Visor casing. It's also a bit on the flimsy side. While it may be adequate for others, I'd really like to see a better fit. According to Christian Sass, Vice-President of Tactilis, the reproduction cover is being offered to simply get the Flip-Clip out into people's hands since it is already available. He promises that the upcoming Flip-Lid will be form-fitted to the Visor shape... a "precise" fit as they call it. I'm also hoping that it will be a bit more solid, more like the snap-on cover from Handspring.

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