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Tue Jan 30, 2001 - 11:49 PM EST - By James Hromadka


on-screen NumbersNow that you know about sliding, how effective is it?  According to the FitalyStamp's manual, those letters in the middle of the Fitaly keyboard represent over 70% of the letters used in normal text.  To test my speed before and after FitalyStamp, I used WPM (Words per minute) from DDH Software.  After testing my Graffiti prowess versus FitalyStamp, I now realize that I'm not that great at either one. :-)  My best Graffiti score was 19 WPM, while my best FitalyStamp score was 11 WPM.

Although my Graffiti score was higher, I've also been using Graffiti for almost three years, versus using FitalyStamp for three days.  The WPM test also only asks you to write the sentence "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs."  Had I needed to write any special symbols, I might still be taking the test using Graffiti.  The biggest advantage FitalyStamp has over Graffiti are the special characters.    The bottom right-hand portion lets you draw special accents, while the 123 button brings up an on-screen listing that lets me write % and # quickly, which are symbols that I'm always forgetting.

If you're using the Visor Prism, some applications may leave portions of the keyboard screens from FitalyStamp, leaving a "ghost" of parts of the on-screen keyboard.  The ghosts usually go away, and you can also exit and return to your application to force the ghosting to disappear.  Visor Deluxe and Platinum owners that want to adjust their Visor's contrast need to tap the i icon then select Adjust Brightness to adjust the contrast.

If I could make but one suggestion, it would be to have the outline of the original screen icons on the FitalyStamp also.  This would make it easier to switch between Graffiti and Fitaly.

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Product Info
Name FitalyStamp
Company Textware Solutions
Memory: 35 K
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$35 (Full Package)
$15 (Four Refills )

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