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JackBack Software

Wed Mar 14, 2001 - 12:56 PM EST - By Scott Hanselman

I like applications with simple User Interfaces (UI). There's nothing better than a program that's clear to use. When you install JackBack from Brayder and run it, you are greeted with a giant button labeled Backup Now. That's fabulous.

Not only is JackBack easy to use, it's very easy to install.  Although there is a manual installation option available, JackBack includes JBInstall.prc - a Palm Installer! That's slick. JBInstall.prc detects your hardware, and installs the appropriate .prcs for your system. JackBack includes support for Sony Clies with the Memory Stick, Palm's with Flash Memory, and of course, Visors with Flash Modules. This flexible plugin architecture is one of the most compelling features of JackBack. Soon, they will release a PlugIn for CompactFlash (CF) Cards. I've worked with the Beta, and it looks very exciting!

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Name JackBack Software
Company Brayder Technologies
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