Blast from the past! We stopped updating VisorCentral in late 2002, but feel free to browse around and feel nostalgic. There are 135 reviews and over a thousand articles in our archives. Also check out an even older version of the site.
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The Visor is announced
Visor 3D renderings
Smile! Bluetooth is Coming
Scan Text into your Visor
Stowaway Preview
CUE Radio Preview
Visor goes Wireless with SpringPort
Homebuilt Serial Cable
eyeModule available from PalmGear
New styli from E&B Company
Stowaway shipping
Wood overlays for the Visor
i-Vox tidbits
Palm VII killer? (Updated)
Visor in Retail!
STNE offering memory upgrade for Visor
Stowaway getting closer
Xircom announces SpringPort Modules
Stowaway slips to April
Modem shipping
Konichiwa Visor!
GoType! Pro shipping
CUE Radio Update
Buy groceries with the Visor
MIDI Synthesizer module
Does @ctiveLink do Windows too?
IntelliGolf module ships
Drumroll... 2 Way Pager!!!
Stowaway Update
Palm IIIc introduced
Visor Pen Stylus now shipping
Modem module shipping
More on the Eyemodule
Palm gets a camera too
Digital camera and radio modules!
Store those Springboard modules
Color Palm roundup
Readers want a serial cable
Ir Tips
Control your house w/ the Visor
Ethernet Springboard Modules
Visor springboard & cradle drain
Fingerprint ID on your Palm
FAA concerned with Bluetooth
Handspring Accessories Update
Ecrio Update
"Updated": Xfer from Paper to Palm
Innogear Update
Stowaway User Comments
Visor a Winner (again)
Memory Stick Springboard?
Update on Happy Hacking Cradle
Happy Hacking Cradle
USB Dilemma
List of accessories growing...
ZDNET & Pencomputing reviews Visor
MP3 Players - Rio X64 & MiniJam
Quo Vadis Handy GPS Receiver
Two Visor articles in The New York Times
What’s So Great about the Handspring Visor?
Handspring versus Windows CE
Another review of Visor
Why would anyone buy a Palm organizer over a Visor?
3Com Slashes Palm VII Price by $100
Bluetooth Module Demo at Internet World
Latest PalmPower Issue
Two Infoworld Articles
Visor Deluxe Review at The Gadgeteer
Handspring Accessories
Visor Gets Wired
Springboards at Internet World 99
Springboard a Universal Standard?
Wireless modem in the works...
ZDTV gives the Visor 5 Stars
TRGPro Pricing
Innogear modules will work out of the Visor
Motorola announces DragonBall VZ Processor
Scanner Springboard for Visor!
InfoBeam Module in early 2000
ZDTV on Innogear & Widcomm
Bluetooth to be demonstrated at COMDEX


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