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TomTom Financial Calculator

Fri Apr 6, 2001 - 6:39 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Tom Tom has released Financial Calculator for PalmOS. Now you don't have to be an accountant to figure out your figures. :) Here are some of the features of Financial Calculator:
  • Evaluates the impact of cash flows, capital growth, depreciation and rates of return.
  • Solves amortisation, linear pay-off and break-even point problems.
  • Carries out bond calculations, for example bond price, yield and duration.
  • User-definable windows to perform your own calculations, e.g. a currency conversion table.
  • Extendible range of conversion tables covering time, temperature, speed, pressure, force, energy, power, length and surface areas.
  • Evaluates Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Mark-up/Mark-down values, date differences and time conversions.
Financial Calculator is available for $14.99. Click here to download.

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