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Palm Marks 10,000th Palm OS Application

Tue May 15, 2001 - 9:49 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

The Palm OS reached a new milestone today with the 10,000th third-party software application for Palm OS based handheld users -- the Novell® GroupWise® 6 web clipping application.

This milestone of 10,000 applications -- which doesn't include the many Palm Reader eBook titles currently available for the Palm OS -- marks an industry benchmark that Palm believes no other software platform has achieved for such a large number of applications in such a short period of time.

An average of 500 new software products for the Palm OS platform are being released by developers every month.

According to Michael Mace, Palm's chief competitive officer, "Our coterie of developers make more software available for Palm handhelds every few months than are available for other handheld platforms in total."

Industry insiders also credit the platform: "The Palm OS market ... is one of the plums in today's economy," said Jim Forbes, editor of DEMOletter, in a recent issue of that journal. "It's vibrant, has room for tremendous growth, and is fostering true innovation."

Based on the number of applications available, the Palm OS is by far the leading handheld platform. The growing interest in handheld mobile and wireless devices continues to provide opportunities for the entire Palm Economy -- the community of platform licensees and the more than 150,000 developers of the Palm OS.

Speaking of breaking records, VisorCentral on Monday reached 1000 news items!

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