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OS X users keep waiting

Wed Jun 27, 2001 - 11:48 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Palm and Handspring users will be waiting some time for a Mac OS X version of the Palm desktop. Handspring has received little information on the software because Palm hasn't yet released them a beta of the Desktop application. Until that happens, Handspring will not be able to begin work on developing a Visor-compatible version of Palm Desktop.

I got the impression that with the recent economic downturn, Mac development at Palm, Inc. is not a very high priority right now. It is unfortunate that Handspring has to keep waiting, as the Visor has been a hit with Mac users because of its out-of-the-box support for the Mac.

What I would really like to see is for Mac developers to take the Linux software that is available and port it to Mac OS X so Palm-compatible users can have a native HotSync.

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