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Portsmith interview transcribed

Wed Jun 27, 2001 - 12:03 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

VisorCentral's James Hromadka talks with Portsmiths' Curtis Cluff about the Ethernet Cradle. Transcribed from video by Michael Ducker.

James: Curtis your here to tell us about the new ethernet cradle from Portsmith?

Curtis: Yes I am, the ethernet cradle is designed as a mobile connectivity device, for handhelds to connect to the corporate network, accessing mission critical information from anywhere in the company, specifically common areas, lunch rooms, staff rooms, conference rooms, that sort of thing. Originally ethernet connectivity was done through a serial or USB cradle that was connected to a desktop PC. We've eliminated the need for a desktop PC, by connecting directly to the network. As long as there's DHCP
servers involved in the network, the cradle goes out and gets a automatic IP address assigned to it, and comes back and says "ok I'm ready for a handheld", plug the handheld device into the cradle, and it recognizes it as a stand alone device on the network. Than you have real time access to the internet, mission critical data, and personal information as well.

James: And will it do a network hotsync back with your PC, if you have that configured on your desktop?

Curtis: Yes it will, as long as you have some type of server based synchronization software. Palm hotsync server, extended sys, extend connect, there's a number of third party software that we're compliant with.

James: What ethernet speed does the cradle use? 10 or 100 mpbs?

Curtis: It supports a 10/100 hub, but it transmits at 10 megabit.

James: What is the price on it?

Curtis: It's a 199 dollar retail.

James: Does this work with the Prism?

Curtis: It work s with the Visor Deluxe, and Platinum, but not the Prism.

James: But not the Prism or edge.. Do you have any plans for the Prism?

Curtis: Yes we are developing for all the higher handspring models.

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