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Visor Compatibility

Fri Sep 24, 1999 - 9:30 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


One of the many questions people have about the new Visor by Handspring is regarding compatibility:

"Does the Handspring work withall of my software that I have for my Palm organizer?"

"Will it fit in my case?"

To find out, I emailed several of the major case makers and software makers to find if some of the more popular products will work with the Visor.


The Handspring Visor has Palm OS 3.1h n it, so it will be compatible with any program that properly uses Palm API programming calls. Below are three of the most popular 3rd party programs that people use.

DateBk3- The popular calendar replacement will definitely be compatible with the Visor. In fact, the Visor comes with a "light" version of DateBk3 that Handspring licensed for use in its organizers. Below are some of the major differences that CESD (the author) posted to the PalmPilot E-mail list. He will post a more detailed listing later:

  • Icons are not supported.
  • Time zones are not supported
  • Categories in the Datebook database are not supported
  • Appointments spanning midnight are not supported
  • All times are rounded to the five minutes (uses standard Time Picker dialog)
  • 2nd weekly view has no details dialog - tapping on a cell goes straight to the day view
  • Users that want the full version will have no problems on the Visor.

BackupBuddy- I emailed BackupBuddy regarding Visor compatibility and received a response from Alexander Hinds that BackupBuddy "works fine with Visor."

FlashPro- Because the Handspring Visor does not have flash memory, FlashPro will not work with the organizer. This should not be too much of a problem for users who have the Visor Deluxe with its 8MB of RAM, but users with the 2MB Visor will not be able to get that extra 800+ KB.

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