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Stowaway in school

Thu Mar 22, 2001 - 4:20 PM EST - By Michael Ducker


Michael Ducker, a Junior High student in Minnesota, takes a different look at the Stowaway [review] keyboard: How it works in the School environment.

Picture of a Stowaway KeyboardThe Visor is a perfect tool to help you in school. It is especially good for taking notes.

But what if you aren't that good with Graffiti? What if your writing is slow and you can't keep up with the teacher?

That's why the Stowaway exists. It is a full sized keyboard that folds up into a unit just larger than the Visor. Trust me, it's not just for students, anyone who needs to write more than a few pages a week on their Visor will benefit from it.

The Stowaway is the best portable keyboard I've ever used. It is rated for up to 7 million strokes per key, which is plenty. I don't think that you will be using the same Visor in 10 years, with the rapid increase of PDA technology.

It uses the same keys as the IBM ThinkPad, but even compared to any laptop I could get my hands on, I find the feel of it is unique in a wonderful way. It might be that it feels so nice, because it uses high quality keys, ones that lasts longer, and is more expensive than normal keys.

It's amazing that it's full size, and yet can still be as small as my Visor. (Actually, it's a tad bigger than my desktop keyboard!). I've tried the GoType keyboard in stores, but just couldn't get used to the small keys on it.

The Stowaway is a work of art; it was even featured in a recent exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art!

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