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New Bluetooth module available soon

Wed Oct 24, 2001 - 12:40 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Red-M, a company that develops wireless networking solutions, today announced that they will start shipping a Bluetooth module for the Visor later this month.

The Red-M Blade module enables users of Visor Platinum, Edge, Prism, Pro & Neo to connect to a Bluetooth mobile phone to enable easy access to the Internet, email, calendar and other data. The Red-M Blade can also identify and connect with other authorized Bluetooth devices, such as a PC or Bluetooth in-building network for wireless access and synchronization.

Several cell phones, like Ericsson’s T39 and the upcoming T68 has built in Bluetooth technology. Using this module and a Bluetooth enabled phone will allow users to connect to the Internet without worrying about using cables or aligning the IR ports.

"The Red-M Blade product family underlines Red-M’s commitment to driving widespread wireless adoption. The new Red-M Blade gives Handspring users the ability to access a wide variety of information quickly and easily wherever they are, a facility which can only enhance the popularity of Handspring PDA’s as business and leisure tools," said Simon Gawne, Vice President and co-founder of Red-M.

When inserted into the Springboard slot the Red-M Blade sits unobtrusively in line with the back and top of the Visor.

"We are delighted that Red-M is making Bluetooth technology available to Visor users. It again underlines the versatility of the Springboard platform and puts additional value in the hands of our customers. Red-M is at the forefront of developing powerful wireless connectivity solutions and we are pleased that users of Handspring Visors can now be part of the next generation of mobile working and gaming," said Roger Kermisch, Vice President & General Manager of Handspring Europe,

Priced at $179, the Red-M Blade for Handspring will be available this month from selected retail outlets.

A Bluetooth module for the Visor was first announced by Widcomm back in November 99, but they never turned it into a consumer product. Xircom also announced they were working on a Bluetooth module back in March 2000, but we have not seen any updates since.

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