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ProRecord Voice Recorder Module

Wed Dec 19, 2001 - 8:12 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Available from Palmgear for $99, the ProRecord voice recorder module can store up to 8.5 hours of voice with the built in 16 MB of memory, plus it can store up to 2 MB of data files.

Reading through the product literature, the ProRecord does not use the Visor's built in microphone, but uses it's own mic along with a speaker and headset jack.

This product offers almost all of the features of the Targus Digital Voice recorder, plus it adds better integration with the Palm OS main programs. From the official website:

  • 8.5 hours of continuous recording for notes, memos and meetings

  • Up to 1024 messages of digital recording and playback

  • Directly link recorded messages with PIMS

  • Built-in Speaker/Microphone and earphone

  • Voice file uploads to PC via the ProRecord Desktop application

  • Speed Record & Play with HotKey button

  • 24 volume control - Low power consumption

  • Recorded voice messages can be directly linked with PIMS - interoperable with Palm O/S PIMS

  • Built-in Speaker/Microphone & Headphone connector for user convenience

  • Voice file can be uploaded to PC and be sent in .wav file format

  • Speed Recorder & Play with HotKey Button

This module looks to be another one of those great things that the Visor can bring to people, and it is being released at the same price that the Targus Digital voice module was - $99. I like springboard modules that are less than $100 ;)

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