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Dockers Mobile Pants Revolutionize Pocket Design

Fri Jan 11, 2002 - 2:43 PM EST - By Kenneth Crandall

Product Info
» Name Mobile Pant
» Company Dockers
» Colors Black & Khaki
» Sizes Most Sizes
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $52 (Black )
» $52 (Khaki)


The Mobile Pants come with their share of problems. For starters, when I first saw the commercial, I was under the impression that the seam pockets would be completely hidden from view. Not true, the pocket and zipper itself are completely hidden in the seam; however, the zipper grip still shows. I attempted to hide this by tucking it away, but it became too difficult to open the pocket (not good when a cell call comes in).

Another problem which seems quite strange is the pockets overlap. Meaning the right and left pockets overlap the top few inches of the seam pockets. To me, this seems to defeat the purpose of the seam pockets. If you have something large in both pockets, they overlap and stick out more. The last problem I noticed deals with the seam pocket design. If you don’t leave the pocket zipped, your device will fall out easily. To fix this problem, Dockers should make the pocket deeper than the zipper so the device will rest in place.

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