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Weekend Mailbag #5

Sat Jan 12, 2002 - 5:12 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

This week we saw some Hardware upgrades, some price discounts, services, and some updated software. Next week make sure to check back here on for a preview of a new product that people have been wanting since the Visor was released. And no, it's not a wired ethernet springboard module.

The Hardware:

Tony Rudenko announced a whopping 32 MB upgrade for the Visor Pro or Neo. The prices are $119 for the Neo, and $129 for the Pro.

A company called GripGear has some Visor compatible cases available. Three models are available - all are cases that offer maximum protection, with style. They are generic cases meaning that they should work with just about every PDA on the market.

The prices:

According to VisorCentral board member Fagen, a refurbished Prism is currently only $199 at Frys.

The Stowaway for Visor Edge is now available in Retail at places like Best Buy and CompUSA, and also online at PalmGear.

The software updates:

SilverScreen, the popular replacement launcher program for the Visor has been updated to version 2.4. The new version includes a new scroll bar, more themes and bug fixes. SilverScreen retails for $19.99. Thanks to SpeakerCoach for the news.

While I don't know how recent this is, but while browsing Memplugs site I noticed that they have added a key generator for Gmedia 2.0 Maker. Previously to my knowledge Memplug owners got vrs. 2.0 free, but an upgrade for the pc version wasn't available yet.

The InStep group makers of InStep Print has released Instep Fax 2.1 - a plugin for InStep Print. With InStep Fax 2.1 you can take any Wordsmith document, DocsToGo, or QuickOffice document and fax it via any class 1 or class 2 compatible modem. or Cell. (The thinmodem is NOT fax compatible, however the Handspring modem and the Xircom springport are). Available for $19.95

The Services that have gone away:

This week was the last week of the MyPalm service. "Beginning January 10, 2002, Palm, Inc. will no longer offer the MyPalm web portal. All MyPalm web portal services, such as Date Book and Address Book, will cease operation, as will the Date Book Update and Free Time Viewer applications on MyPalm mobile portal. All PIM data (everything in your Date Book, Address Book, To Dos, Reminders and Memo Pad) will be permanently deleted from the MyPalm portal and will no longer be accessible. "

Also, all @palm e-mail addresses will no longer work unless you are a Palm VII user.

Browse-it sent out an e-mail this week encouraging former Browse-it users to try a new service based on Browse-it.

"The Zero Gravity solution consists of a suite of applications and services referred to as the SkyMobile Services Platform. The platform is designed to offer members:

enhanced online and offline Web browsing capabilities
email services
the ability to store, access and manage documents
task and calendar management from wireless-enabled PalmTM and Handspring devices

Based on Pumatech's Browse-it Technology
The Zero Gravity browser is based on Pumatech's Browse-it technology, so you can take advantage of the same level of enhanced Web browsing you have come to know and appreciate. Zero Gravity is also meeting the needs of Browse-it users by providing a bookmark conversion utility that will convert Browse-it bookmarks into Zero Gravity browser bookmarks."

A free 30-day trial is available here.

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