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Treo on shelves in Hong Kong, Singapore

Thu Jan 31, 2002 - 9:06 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring earlier this week announced retail availability of the the Treo 180 and 180g to customers in Hong Kong, and today added Singapore to the list.

The Treo can be purchased for SD 968.00 ($530 US) (with a two year service plan) at SingTel retail locations and select IT stores.

"Singapore has always been on the cutting edge of mobile technology and we believe the market will embrace such a compact voice and data product," said Bill Holtzman, vice president of international for Handspring. "We are pleased to be working with SingTel, an established industry leader."

"SingTel is pleased to be Handspring's exclusive partner in Singapore to offer the much anticipated integrated wireless Treo at SingTel's hello! and pod outlets. We believe this sleek device, which combines a mobile phone and PDA, will give a brand new integrated communications experience to our mobile customers," said Ms Ooi Lay Yong, SingTel's vice president of consumer sales.

In Hong Kong, the Treo can be purchased for HKD 4380.00 ($560 US)at both SmarTone operator stores and select IT outlets.

“Shipping Treo in Hong Kong is a milestone for Handspring and a testament to the maturity of the wireless market in Asia,” said Bill Holtzman, vice president of international for Handspring. “Treo is the beginning of a new era of wireless innovation and we are pleased to be working with such a world-class partner as SmarTone."

"We believe Treo will unlock the potential of mobile data communications services in Hong Kong," said Chris Lau, director of future services at SmarTone. "Treo supports our vision of providing personalized multimedia communications for our customers."

Handspring will continue to work with PacRim, a subsidiary of GrandTech,in Hong Kong to provide marketing support, technical service and local representation.

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