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Weekend Mailbag #8

Fri Feb 22, 2002 - 9:19 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

What a week! I take that back. What a great three weeks! It has been a long time since I last wrote one of these, yet today I am proud to bring back some weekend mail!

I personally have had some trouble with computers this week, so I think I might do a "trickle" approach to writing this, and over the weekend add more things as I find them. If anyone knows a free way to rescue data from a corrupt FAT32 partition, email me PLEASE! :)

The news has been Treo. Treo. Treo is everywhere, and across the United States, users are finally reporting to receive this long awaited device. Let me just say YAY! It has been a very exciting journey for me at least with the announcement of this product from the FCC leaks, to seeing it for real at COMDEX, for covering the news of it's shipping release, and now to hear about real people using it, real people posting to the VC boards on it, it is wonderful!

To start with, for the many anxious people who ordered a Treo and have not received it yet. New VisorCentral user jrsites tells in this post how to get the Tracking number off your info page, and track it with FedEx. Way cool!

To help with the new Treo that you have hopefully received, I have a couple of some software and some tricks to make your Treo experience better. First off, user george_vc in this post, tells how to get the date and the time on the speed-dial screen through the use of special names.

"When programming your Speed Dial buttons, you can enter two special codes in the Name field that will transform that button into either a display of the date or time. You can still program these to dial a number, by the way. The codes are &date and &time. "

The next piece of software is I think one of the first Treo specific software out yet! It is Ringo, made by Electric Pocket (makers of BugMe!). From their site:

"Ringo is a ringtone manager and composer for the Handspring Treo Communicator. Ringo lets users take any Palm OS alarm tune or database and convert it into a Treo ringtone. Hundreds of alarm databases suitable for conversion can be found on the internet. Ringo users can also compose new ringtones using a piano-like keyboard and share tones with their friends via infrared beaming."

This is a free app to anyone who registers using the built in SMS register function from within the program. Electric Pocket also offers other programs that will work with the Treo, they can be found here.

Proxyminds also offers a similar piece of software, iRing. It's available for $5.95.

Once you have a ringtone manager, you need ringtones right? That's where comes in courtesy of Creation Zone. For $9.95 you get an unlimited subscription to their more than 400 Treo ring tone pdb files. New packs are created every month with popular songs and the like.

Got more Treo software news/new products? Email me!

I've not forgotten all you Visor users, I do have some things for you!

Waiting to upgrade to the
Prism? Even though Handspring has announced it is phasing it out, it is still a great product, and the PDA I use. Handspring is offering a free eyemodule1 with the purchase of the Prism at $299. The eyemodule1 is valued at $49. This deal is only available until March 31st.

That last thing wrote like a blatant ad, but this one is actually a link to another palm site... Here's my final thought for the day, and the link that goes along. PalmInfoCenter is usally quite observant, and in this article their editor, Ed, sees that Handspring is pulling out of Japan. Now as far as I know, there are few if no VisorCentral members that are in Japan, and with the low-res screen problem, it comes to me as no surprise.

Good night everyone, and if you have a new toy ;), have fun playing with it! (please ignore the jealous overtones of my writing right now :-D, somebody doesn't get a Treo...)

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