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Case or Keyboard?

Wed Apr 3, 2002 - 11:57 AM EST - By Kenneth Crandall

Product Info
» Name Q-Pad
» Company tDevice
» Weight without Edge 3.5 Ounces
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Q2 2002
» $69.99


tDevice is just finishing their Beta Testing process and should be releasing the Q-Pad for sale soon. It will be available on their website for $69.99. Which won’t be a bad price, considering that the Thumboard is $39 and a typical leather case is around $35. This combo is priced rather well; and remember, you don’t need to carry around both at the same time.

Overall, this product is good. Typically I wouldn’t use a keyboard like the Stowaway, because it is something extra to carry around but since this is incorporated into the case I can deal with it. The only main problem I have with this case and every other case built for the Edge is the size. Personally, I bought the Edge to have one less large item in my pockets; I use a Nokia 8290 for the same reason. Every case for the Edge makes it bigger which to me defeats the purpose. However, this problem is unavoidable, and I think it is important to protect your Edge from damage. This case provides the features and the protection for great cost without sacrificing too much pocket space.



Design 5
Usability 4
Features 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
- Great Price
- Easy to Use
- Case and Keyboard
- Makes Edge Larger
- Cant use modules
- Keys are small

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