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QuickOffice 6.0 Available

Wed Jun 5, 2002 - 9:28 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Cutting Edge Software released today version 6.0 of its Quickoffice suite of word processing and spreadsheet applications for the Palm Operating System. QuickSheet, if you'll remember, won the 2000 VisorCentral Application of the Year. New features include ZoomView(tm) technology, expansion card support, and a new desktop interface (Windows only). ZoomView allows users to zoom in and out of QuickWord documents for easier viewing. An improved Font Converter(tm) allows conversion of TrueType fonts for use with QuickOffice.

QuickOffice supports the VFS file system of Palm OS 4.0, although I'm not sure how well it works with the new Treo 90.

Here are some more features of QuickOffice:

Over 80 built-in scientific, financial, statistical, date & time, lookup, and aggregate functions plus sorting .
Supports multiple sheets per workbook and allows you to link the sheets
Large 996 rows x 254 columns per sheet
Workbook model allows incremental save, save as, or cancel changes
Advanced cell editing features that allow to you create and modify spreadsheets easily on the Palm.
Allows you to format cells in a number of different ways and allows you to name the styles for easy use throughout the open spreadsheet
Integrates easily with Quickchart charting application
Includes Enterprise class features which allow linking to shared XLS files on a network, integration with backend ODBC databases, and custom applications using Quicksheet for data acquisition, display and analysis.
Supports color devices including cell color formatting
Supports row and column freezing, column resizing, and cell locking with sheet protection to guard against accidental changes to critical formulas
Allows you to search an open spreadsheet for a value or formula and then replace that value with another
Supports beaming spreadsheets between Palm devices and supports the Palm System Find feature
Intuitive user interface that takes advantage of the screen size of the Palm handheld
Slick Microsoft Excel Add-In that allows you to work directly within Excel to open and save spreadsheets for synchronization with Quicksheet on your Palm handheld
Supports multiple users (individual licenses required) synchronizing with a single PC and a single user synchronizing with multiple PCs
Has the features to turn your Palm into a decision making tool
Behaves very much like your desktop spreadsheet so you are productive immediately

QuickOffice 6.0 is now available for $39.95, with upgrades starting at $14.95. I really like the fact that there is plenty of competition on the Palm platform when it comes to word processing and spreadsheet applications. I remember the original DOC application that started it all. How far we have come.

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