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Thu Feb 10, 2000 - 9:58 AM EST - By James Hromadka

One of the ZDNET reporters was at Demo 2000 and had a dour attitude about most of the show. There was this interesting bit about Handspring:
"Jeff Hawkins, who helped bring the Palm handheld device into existence, was back at Demo hawking new add-ons for Handspring's Visor device. Some beaucoup cool stuff was one display. Cue Inc. has a module that allows the Visor to receive FM news and weather updates. And Citizen has created a mini-Visor that's about half the size of the original. But like a lot of stuff at the show, this last one is still more of a concept demo than a real product.
Because of the way the article is sarcastic it is difficult to determine whether or not the Citizen concept model was a mini-Visor w/ the PalmOS or if it used a proprietary OS. Click here for the entire article.

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