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Connection Problems

Tue Feb 22, 2000 - 9:25 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Many of you have experienced connection problems to VisorCentral lately, and we have finally located the problem and are working on resolving it.

One of our upstream Internet providers, Digex (others include UUnet and Qwest), has recently started dropping packages at a router three hops from us. The technicians at that location are working on resolving the situation. However, it seems like it is a bandwidth issue, which won't be resolved until their bandwidth increases.

Because the problem only exists with one of our pipes, for some of you VC seems extremely slow, while for the "lucky" who comes in over Uunet or Qwest, VC rocks on as usual.

This should be resolved by Friday, when a DS3 link from Sprint gets installed. So please bare with us for another few days…

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