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Drumroll... 2 Way Pager!!!

Mon Feb 28, 2000 - 2:08 PM EST - By James Hromadka

The wait is over. Glenayre Technologies announced today the @ctiveLink™, a 2 way pager module for the Handspring Visor, which is expected tho ship in July.

There will also be an @ctiveLink SDK to allow developers to incorporate the use of the module into their applications.

Here are some details from the press release:
The Handspring Visor along with Glenayre's @ctiveLink is a state-of-the- art wireless messaging solution for active workers who demand reliable connections to their office, home, and the internet. Through an applications service agreement with JP Systems, Glenayre will distribute the @ctiveLink with a variety of wireless applications including: One-Touch™ Messaging Platform™, a powerful, full-featured email application; InfoBeam™, which will link Glenayre's module to Internet information for users anytime, anywhere; Enhanced Address and Enhanced Datebook applications that add wireless features when paired with RemoteLook, a PC desktop client that allows secure, wireless access to your Microsoft Outlook information.

Glenayre Solutions for an @ctive World family of innovative mobile communication devices provide constant availability with their Always @ctive™ operation, unparalleled in-building penetration and outstanding nation-wide coverage. The @ctiveLink is a powerful new member of Glenayre's family of two-way ReFLEX-enabled devices. One of the @ctiveLink module's greatest features is that it is constantly on and communicating, even if the user removes the wireless messaging module from the Handspring Visor device. While it is removed, the @ctiveLink module continues to collect new messages, storing them in the unit's onboard memory while notifying the user with a flashing LED and/or optional audible alerts. Once the module is reinserted into the Visor the messages are instantly downloaded so they may be either read or deleted -- and information is directed to the proper application. Additional @ctiveLink features include:

  • Single button for quick user interaction
  • Programmable audio alerts
  • Red and Green LED indicators
  • On / off power switch
  • Single button for quick user interaction
  • Springboard hardware interface

Now we're talking. This summer should see the release of some great Springboard modules.

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