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Hawkins chat results

Tue Aug 22, 2000 - 5:09 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

RedHerring had their chat with Handspring CPO Jeff Hawkins today. After a brief introduction, Hawkins took questions that ranged from what products Handspring would be introducing to their relationship with Palm. Here are a few of the highlights of the chat:
  • Hawkins expects the Palm OS to do very well, but Handspring could conceivably make a PDA based on another handheld. There are, however, no current plans to do so
  • Handspring has "lots of new products under development," with an emphasis on "the integration of wireless radios into handheld computers"
  • The PalmOS license that Handspring has effectively lasts 5 more years
  • Handspring's biggest challenge is handling their dramatic increase in size
  • Microsoft is getting better, and if their product was good enough, Handspring could build a product based on Windows CE
  • Handspring will have "products of all shapes and sizes," so we should see thin and color Visors some day
  • We "will see a cell phone module available before the end of the year" and it will work in Canada "by the end of the year"
There should be a full transcript available soon. With the exception of the cell phone module, there wasn't really anything that hasn't been mentioned already. Thanks to Michael Ducker (Miradu2000) for transcribing to me as I sat behind a firewall. Click here to discuss the chat.

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